Interesting Person of the Day – Saaya Irie

March 29, 2010

Saaya Irie hasn’t really done much for society, I admit.. Aside from how off her young body. Seriously. This girl is young. How young? Well, she has the same birthday as me. Therefor, as of right now, she just turned 16. She’s been doing modeling since 2005, and is seen as a Japanese idol. I admit, she’s a cutie, but the fact that she’s been doing photoshoots since turned 11 creeps me out. I think the above picture is from when she was 11, actually. (Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a fan, I wouldn’t really know.)

I guess the real reason I found her interesting was the fact that 1. She’s cute. 2. She’s famous. 3. She has the EXACT same birthday as me.. 11/15/1993. Neato!

Saaya, you keep showing off that cleavage in bikini shots if it makes you happy! Um.. but.. please, never.. ever try to make a singing career ever again. The stunt in a music group made my ears bleed. (Don’t youtube it. You’ll regret it.)

(info via wikipedia)


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