Whataburger Fight

March 26, 2010

Apparently, this broke out in a Whataburger in Houston, Texas. This video had me rofling. The guy with the beard is my hero. While this one big guy is yelling at the cashiers about  his cheeseburger, another guy sitting down speaks up. The big guy who’s causing problems yells, “Which one of you mother fuckers ordered a cheeseburger? I’ll whoop your ass, I’ll whoop all y’all!” The bearded guy pipes up, “I have a cheeseburger and it is DELICIOUS!” The anger of the big guy goes from yelling at the people behind the counter to yelling at the bearded fellow.

Soon, threats break out. “COME GET SOME!” the big guy yells, “I have some!” the bearded guy retorts. “I’ll beat you all over those french fries, boy!” I guess the smart ass bearded guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut, because just as the big fellow starts to leave, he stomps his way over to the bearded guy like he’s going to punch him. Bearded guy takes him down like champ… slightly awkwardly, however. He goes for the legs, but is met with lots of poundage. Still, this guy knows what he’s doing and gets the big guy on the ground.. with half his pants off. He immediately puts him into a submission hold and the video cuts off with the bearded guy asking the big guy if he’s done yet, and the big guy still trying to beat the bearded guy.

I laughed. I laughed really, really hard.

Also.. what’s with bearded guys being so awesome? It reminds me of that one bearded old guy on public transit that whooped the black “gangsta” when he tried to punch him. Hrmm.. beards = super powers?


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